Pangaea X: A one-of-a-kind platform that brings together companies and freelancers for easy and effective data analytics and data procurement

Pangaea x

In today’s age, the world runs on data. Be it analyzing people’s socio-economic behavior or predicting their future purchases, data plays a significant role in informing, shaping and achieving certain development outcomes. Since we’re in the age of ‘data-empowerment’, the use of analytics has increased worldwide with most companies now opting to have some type of data collection to allow them to better grow their business.

Launched on 1st March 2021, Pangaea X is the brainchild of Founder and CEO Jadd Elliot Dib who saw a gap in the market for a one-stop marketplace for all the data procurement needs, which would bring companies and freelancers together in a streamlined way.

How Pangaea X came into being

COVID-19 saw a sharp increase in people going freelance. There are some extremely talented freelance Data Analysts in the GCC. People who were previously working for firms are now freelancing. This is how Pangaea X was born.

The whole premise of the Pangaea X platform is to make things easier and simpler for both the company looking for a data analyst, along with the data analysts themselves. It is meant to be a one-stop-shop with no need to go anywhere else for these types of services. It brings together talented people worldwide along with ensuring that companies are looked after and given the best for their needs, without having to search and research many different sites.

Elaborating further, the Pangaea X founder says “We have the best of the best analysts selected by local and internationally recognized companies. With the simple format and easy-to-use platform there will be no need to look elsewhere.”

All you need to know about Pangaea X

Pangaea X brings the Data Analytics world together in its own unique way. It is the first-of-its-kind in the industry, connecting the Data Analytics seeker with the world’s best Data Analysts and Scientist freelancers across the world—a one-stop marketplace for all your Data procurement needs. This new demand has given birth to a new breed of freelancers, and our operational vision is to seamlessly connect the world, with the world’s best talent when it comes to data analytics.

From collaborating to hiring, to briefing, all the way to paying the freelancers, Pangaea X promises to be with its clients every step of the way, as an extension of their team. The platform will empower freelancers to reach their maximum potential, build their own remote business with strategic guidance and even elevate their skillset with provided training programs. It was initially launched in the GCC but as with all digital platforms it can be used from all over the world.

Stepping into an exciting future

There is an excitement of launching a promising, new venture and witnessing it grow across the globe and being recognized as a leader in its field. CEO Jadd Elliot explains “We feel very proud to be a homegrown company with our initial launch in the GCC, there are some fantastic Data Scientists here who look forward to highlighting in the near future.”

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