LABEL BY SAISTUDIO – Who better than a womanprenuer to create a successful enterprise sourcing and marketing the best of sarees!

Label By Saistudio is an enterprise that carries the story of a woman Manasa Anil, who driven by the desire to create her own identity, stepped out of her comfort zone and founded a competitive saree sourcing and marketing enterprise.

A BE graduate, Manasa married and lead an affluent and comfortable life. But after a few years of leading a life of routine she got restless. A thought, that perhaps she needed to do more with her time and talents, not just for the money, but for her own self-identity took root in her mind. This prompted her to start searching for business opportunities. Being a lady of impeccable taste and style and also being inspired by her own mother who was always well dressed, Manasa hit upon the idea of starting a business of exclusive sarees.

It took her a while to convince her parents and her in-laws. Soon however, with a loan of 50K given to her by her husband, Label By Saistudio commenced operations. It started out in the bedroom of Manasa’s mother’s house and with the range and quality of sarees she sourced, business accelerated quickly. Cousins, television actors, popular anchors, sister in laws all helped by modelling and promoting the business. Today with the reach of social media Label By Saistudio has over 7000 followers and it is only growing.

You name the best of sarees from any region and it is available at a click!

With India being such a culturally rich country and having so many regional influences, it is only natural that even garments have been shaped to reflect the rich taste, the vibrant colors and the unique fabric and weaves of individual regions. Sarees across India are one such garment that carry cultural and regional significance.

Label By Saistudio has recognized this. It has therefore made it a point to stock all types of sarees. Buying directly from traditional weavers who have that unique talent to add a distinct artistic touch to every saree, it is not only supporting ta weaver’s livelihood but also ensuring genuine quality.

Today Label By Saistudio is a one stop destination for a range of designer sarees. A customer can visit to explore and discover traditional sarees from Gujarat. Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Varanasi, Kanchipuram, Mysore, Lucknow, Calcutta and more.

Beautiful vibrant or soothing colors, in traditional l or fancy prints with exquisite borders and embroidery, are available in silk, chiffon, tussar silk, khadi georgette, organza, crepe, mul cotton and more. A saree for every occasion and every budget is what it offers. Check it out now.

Serving client needs and simultaneously growing the business is the plan now…

Having served more than 1000 clients, many of whom who have gone on to become repeat clients, Label By Saistudio has now made fresh plans. It intends to become a space where every single client need related to sarees is catered to, in terms of design, fabric and price.

With orders already coming in from Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, USA as a brand Label By Saistudio wants to expand and extend its presence overseas, as it sees a lot of market potential in those countries which have a sizeable Indian population. There are plans to set up shop in such countries so that buyers can access and buy the products locally too.

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