Introducing ‘It’s About Home’ – A Bespoke Nameplate Company Elevating the Aesthetics and Personalization of Your Home Entrance

“Your Home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love”- Nate Berkus 

What’s In A Nameplate? Precisely Everything! 

In our Indian culture and society; a house has a special place in people’s hearts. According to astrology, numerology and vaastu shastra, each number and each alphabet influences life. This leads to harmony and success. And if names matter so much, how can the nameplate be any less important? 

The main door of a home is not only the entry point for the family but also energy. Nameplates for the house are becoming very popular these days. Hardly imaginable, but a lot of options in different materials and distinct designs area are available in the market. A nameplate gives a welcoming look to our abode- an apartment flat or a lavish bungalow. 

Nameplates, though may not seem to be an essential commodity, but they give identity to our lovely homes. As the old saying reads – “A home is not made up of walls and cement; it’s made up of people living inside it.” And for every home, the nameplate is a face. A beautiful personalized nameplate not only enhances the aesthetics of our entrance path but is also a reflection of our personality and style. 

Enlightening The Entry To Your Home 

Who doesn’t want to get their name sparkling with vibrant colours of positivity & belongingness? Just as the famous paint company Asian Paints ‘slogan “ Har Ghar kuch kehta hai” talks about how the colour shades speak of the home & its members; similarly every name board reflects a lot about the person residing in that dwelling. “It’s About Home “is not just a brand or business, but a very strong thread connecting hearts to -Home -Sweet Home. The brand “It’s About Home “launched in 2021 by Rachana Shetty  is a home decor company based in Bangalore that offers bespoke handmade name boards in a variety of textures & designs. Rachana started her dream venture at the age of 38 after having served in the corporate world for 15 years. Her inner calling was always to explore her innate talent in art. To quote her, “The happiness that shines when one sees their name on the name board and the seat of pride that a name board holds for its residents, made me take up the bespoke name-board business professionally. At the moment we are focusing our energy and creativity on name boards only, but we definitely have plans to expand our creative offerings.” 

The brand has so far fulfilled 720 orders and serves across Pan India with major demand from cities like Chennai, Delhi, and Hyderabad. What started as a Bangalore only delivery, now ships the nameboards across the globe. It aims to grow at a steady pace gradually understanding the business metrics without any haste to scale up volumes. The uniqueness of the brand lies in the personalisation it offers to its customers and all the elements used are handmade. From wood engraved name boards to resin artboards, painted or metallic look name boards, every piece is exquisite in itself.

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