Indecrafts – A traditional handicraft business fused with new generation contemporary styles and tastes… the result is outstanding artifacts and home décor pieces…


Indecrafts is a wonderful tale of a flagship handicrafts brand of over 35 years – R R International – being confidently carried forward into a challenging, vibrant new age of opportunity. It is the wise experience of the older generation entrusting the future to the young, bold, next generation to carry forward a rich tradition of artistic and creative excellence.

Says Rishabh Singh, Owner Indecrafts, “I was 26 when we started. To our successful brick and mortar handicraft export business house of over 35 years, we added the new age e-commerce business model to reach out to newer markets and showcase the rich diversity of our products to the world.”

Located in the world famous brass handicraft city of Moradabad, the hub of extremely skilled craftsmen, Indecrafts today is a dazzling fusion of traditional handicrafts blended with modern aesthetics, design form and finishes.

A gleaming product list to add charm, style and class to your personal space – now available at your fingertips…


“Growing the product portfolio has been a learning curve for everyone involved. We acted on customer feedback and also studied design trends happening in markets. Then we tailor made products that would match design and price expectations.” Says Rishabh.

With a skilled team of talented craftsmen on its roster,  Indecrafts working almost extensively with metals, offers wire baskets, metal trunks, hanging lamps, lanterns, bar accessories, bowls, mugs, trays, wine goblets, planters and vases, coffee tables, chairs, stools, marble handicrafts, wall décor, chowkis and a lot more to choose from. Each piece is testimony to its superior craftsmanship in terms of design and finish.

Rishabh shares, “We have made a conscious design decision to keep our creations lightweight. Most importantly we have emphasized the beauty of simplicity in every single product. “ 

Being light has ensured ease of handling. Simplicity has meant classiness. Both have translated into attracting high net worth customers who want understated luxury. This has also caught the attention of a lot of interior designers who collaborate regularly with the brand. With the portal up and running all it needs is scroll, check and click to get a product.

Casting a wider net to beautifully fill up spaces across the world…


The power of the internet has meant that the whole world is a market today. On the strength of a global reach, Indecrafts wants to be a preferred brand in the home décor market. Having successfully fulfilled more than 2000 orders, it is looking to expand its customer base by marketing the brand smartly, enhancing logistics response and constantly bringing out innovation in material and design.

The long term plan is to stay connected to homemakers, design professionals, bulk buyers and reach the level of a major league player in the home décor and furniture market. The next generation is truly geared up to take Indecrafts into a brand new age of business growth and design excellence.

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