Homes by Kikkli: Carefully crafted antique and modern ceramic crockery that adds a touch of class and creativity to your upcoming soirees!

Homes by Kikkli

What started out purely as a hobby, soon turned into a creative pursuit and profession for Anamika Garg, the founder of Homes by Kikkli. At first, she was just enthusiastic to create handmade products out of clay but the excellent feedback she received for her initial stoneware pieces, encouraged her to convert her artistic potential into a business. Soon, with a modest investment from her savings, a homegrown brand was born.

Anamika’s products soon picked up such great appreciation and demand in the market that she had to review her bulk production strategy and packaging processes. She realized that studio pottery has its limitations so she made a quick decision to upscale to mass production to cater to the growing demand. Each piece, however, still receives the same attention and detailing as earlier and is packaged beautifully to match their classy and sophisticated appearance.

Here’s what she feels differentiates her brand:

“As a brand, we keep our story simple. Our USP remains our exclusive heritage designs and our pride lies in delivering these fragile beauties absolutely safe across many countries now. Our unpretentious, eye-catching design says a lot about our product range and quality and how much we love what we do. From design to production to user experience, we try to keep it unique and beautiful.”

Artistic handcrafted stoneware crockery for every home

The beautiful ceramic crockery designs at Homes by Kikkli are inspired by our rich Indian heritage and are unlike any regular crockery pieces you can find in the market. Stone ware, as its name suggests, gets tough when fired at high temperatures like 1100-1300 degrees. It is less porus, lead free and microwave safe, making it a reliable clay for daily household use. Homes by Kikkli, therefore, presents an environmentally sustainable, thoughtfully designed and handcrafted alternative to industrially produced crockery. Each piece is uniquely designed and delicately crafted to make finished products that people can feel proud to own or gift to others.

Says Anamika “Art has moved from walls to the tables. Your crockery has to have literature and statement pieces that speaks about your taste. Buyers are more aware about their choices today and we are happy to serve them with varieties. “

Homes by Kikkli has a dedicated team that comes up with concepts and designs. This team looks after everything, starting from conceptualization, Digital designing, Color testing, Sample production and then Quality check. Every product is handmade right up to the final transfer work that is done by artisans themselves, as they are the best judge for passing the best quality pieces to the next process.

The creations span a range of Drinkware, Serveware, Tableware, Dinnerware and Accents created from only stoneware clay, since its inherent properties make it the most considered clay in ceramics today.

Making a name in India and across continents too…

Beginning from a small studio and expanding with a warehouse Unit soon after restarting business in July 2021, Homes by Kikkli has reached almost every city in India.  With clients from the UK, Australia, UAE and Spain, it has made a foray into markets abroad. Elite clients who have showrooms in major cities have consistently placed orders for its products. The Homes by Kikkli

brand now has a notable presence on several popular e-commerce platforms as well. With the fast pace at which the demand and competition both are growing, Homes by Kikkli is planning to come up with many innovative verticals in near future.

About her business future, Anamika says Our brand DNA lies in providing healthy and eco-friendly choices of tableware to each household and happy experiences from our customers motivate us to create more. Our thrust now is to create beautiful regional crockery. With plagiarism being a major challenge, we intend to quickly turnaround unique designs, based on our customer’s requirements coming from different segments”

Homes by Kikkli stands out among young start ups for its potential to promote traditional Indian designs and stoneware products at a global level. With growing emphasis on sustainable products and customer choices leaning towards items that are aesthetically beautiful for display as well as use, Homes by Kikkli has already tapped into the right market spaces. It just needs the right push to fly higher and stronger.

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