Hina’s Delights: A promising new startup that is aiming to give Mumbaikars a taste of authentic Bengali sweets

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“Cooking is at once one of the simplest and most gratifying of the arts, but to cook well one must love and respect food.” ~ Craig Claiborne

There was a time when cooking was perceived as a laborious, dead-end job that didn’t quite require special skill or talent. It’s only now that cooking has come to be recognized as a form of art, one that requires an ample dose of creativity and imagination. Thankfully, in today’s times, our perception of cooking is no longer bound by convention. In the last decade, several startups have emerged that pander to the diverse culinary taste of Indians. Such enterprises have empowered women and helped them discover their potential as entrepreneurs. Launched in July 2020 by Hina Vora Shah, Hina’s Delights is an emerging startup that has already created quite a stir with its superior quality of food and service.

Beginning of a dream

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Hina had always been passionate about cooking but hadn’t ever contemplated turning her passion into a profitable home-grown business. Like any devoted homemaker, she was happy to let only her loved ones savor her delicious delicacies. She wasn’t aspiring for anything more. However, love and support of her family gave her the courage to fly. In her own words “My family has been the biggest support in the last months.

My daughter has been my support system throughout and my husband has been taking time out from his busy schedule and sourcing all the materials needed to complete my orders in times of urgency . And my daughter has been responsible for my entire digital presence and also many other aspects standing with me every step of the journey.  Overtime  I realized that a little nudge from the family was all I needed to start up.”

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Born and brought up in Kolkata, Hina was well-acquainted with the authentic taste and texture of Bengali sweets. Since she had mastered the art of making mouth-watering sweets while growing up in the land of sandesh and rasgullas, it was only a matter of time before Hina’s Delights became a rage across Mumbai. More orders started pouring in through word-of-mouth publicity & social media. Since Mumbaikars are known to appreciate good food, the popularity of Hina’s Delights soared higher with bulk orders coming in for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries and luncheons.

Hina’s Delights : Cooking up a storm

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The stupendous success of Hina’s Delights can only be attributed to unmatched devotion and extraordinary culinary skills with which superchef Hina rustles up sumptuous dishes. The authenticity in taste is what sets it apart. Asked to pick up her favorite dishes, she says “My personal favorites are Orange, Pranhara & Nolen Gur sandesh and of course Mishti Doi, which have been lapped up by food lovers all over the city. Kheer kadam also received a lot of love.”

Thanks to the delivery by WeFast, we are able to reach out to clients in South Mumbai and  Western suburbs as well.

Keeping an eye on the future

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Currently, the startup is focused on consolidating its position as a premier catering service for small events and gatherings such as kitty parties, house warmings , small get-togethers, baby showers/ baby announcements etc. By including catering for wedding parties, the company aims to expand in the catering and gifting sector in the near future.

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