Fall For Flora – This women-led startup is betting on creativity and innovation to bring us the best home décor products.

Fall For Flora

“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy,” – Juan Montoya. 

Today, this quote stands true to every word. Today, people are curating their home décor to their personalized style while keeping it simple and unique.

Until yesterday, the fashionable and stylish home décor items were limited only to the high spenders of the society but that isn’t the case today. Today the young generation is constantly looking for DIYs and inspirations in any matter on the social media giant Pinterest.

Talking of Pinterest, let us introduce this home décor brand called “Fall For Flora”. With its unique take on the good old swings and making it better, it has managed to carve a niche in the market at relatively affordable prices. They specialize in gorgeous looking and ecological home décor products such as macrame swings, wood and LED planters, making their Instagram feed look aesthetically beautiful and make you forget Pinterest.

What makes the maker of Fall For Flora…

Fall For Flora

Juhi Jain is a graduate in journalism and mass communication with a specialization in event management and public relations. Juhi was working in Mumbai in a fashion designing firm, but when Covid hit, Juhi returned back to her home town Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh.

With a lot of time on her hands, Juhi found interest and started looking out for manufacturers of planters and especially LED planters. Juhi Fall For Flora – This women-led startup is betting on creativity and innovation to bring us the best home décor products.on Pinterest and wished to have 1 for herself. When she couldn’t find 1 anywhere to be purchased from that’s when the idea to make and sell took a big turn for ‘Fall For Flora’.

Macrame all the way…

Fall For Flora

In November 2020, with a budget of only Rs.50,000 and a lot of research, Juhi was successful to find workers and manufacturers for the macrame swings. Today ‘Fall For Flora’ has sold above 2300 orders including the wooden and LED planters in different sizes. While keeping it ecological, the team ensures the materials used are strong and reliable. Although using the best quality cushions for the swings and wood for the planters, Juhi has managed to keep the products as affordable to the common man as it gets. Also with no retailers in between manufacturers and ‘Fall For Flora’, the customers get a better price from a trustworthy seller.

There is no looking back…

Fall For Flora

‘Fall for Flora’ has already made its place in the Indian market and soon wishes to export internationally starting with the USA next year. There is a huge demand from interior decorators and contractors in India hence there are plans to introduce roughly 15 more designs and styles for the swings and planters all while keeping it eco-friendly and best in quality. 

So the next time, you find something aesthetically beautiful on Pinterest and want it for your home décor, do remember to check out these beautiful products of “Fall For Flora” on Instagram @fall_for_flora

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