Elinor Jewels: Modern, minimal and budget-friendly jewellery, that will add sparkle to your everyday look.

Elinor Jewels

What do you get when you combine three enterprising women, a global pandemic and an undying love for jewellery? The answer is Elinor Jewels. The common link between cofounders Benisha Adajania, Nazneen Mogal, Wahbiz Mogal is their dedicated passion for jewellery.

However, with rising gold prices and lack of everyday wear jewellery, it became difficult to find good quality, affordable pieces. Identifying this gap in the market, the three ladies decided to create pieces of jewellery using stainless steel which is also water proof and anti-tarnishing. The cofounders Benisha Adajania, Nazneen Mogal, Wahbiz Mogal belong to the Parsi community.

 “The designs that we see on social media and celebrities are all by international brands which are very difficult to obtain in India. Also, the designs that are available in India are usually very traditional and can be worn in ethnic attire only. So, we wanted to create designs that can be worn with western wear and also feature some stylish options in India,” says Benisha.

Experimenting their way to Success

Elinor Jewels

The trio tried experimenting with a number of different metals.

“We first tried to create some pieces in silver but soon realized that over a period of time it blackens and spoils the look of the piece. This makes it difficult to use the pieces for daily wear as it hinders your daily tasks. We also tried using copper and brass but got the same results. Then after a lot of research, we decided to experiment with stainless steel,” reveals Wahbiz.

The metal was put to the test by exposing it to various chemicals. The founders themselves wore the jewellery and carried out their chores whilst wearing the pieces. “We realized that despite doing our usual house chores, the metal was still intact. So we decided that this was the perfect metal for the brand,” explains Whabiz.

Each piece is plated with 18k gold which gives them a sophisticated and polished look. Since stainless steel medically approved and is also used surgically, it is a great pick for those suffering from any kind of metal allergy, thus making it hypoallergenic. The pieces can be worn for work, while working out, in the kitchen and even underwater. The jewellery will keep on shining.

A Sparkling Future Ahead

Elinor Jewels

Currently, the brand has amassed more than 30,00 orders in its short lifespan. Elinor Jewels sells its products through ecommerce portals pan India, but within 2 months it plans to ship abroad as well. The founders have a vision to see their pieces worn by celebrities as well as influencers. While it currently showcases women’s’ jewellery, Elinor Jewels want to foray into men’s’ jewellery as well.

“We would love it if every woman could own at least one piece of Elinor Jewels for herself. We are eagerly waiting to see our products featured in fashion magazines like Vogue and Marie Claire,” declares Nazneen.

Instagram link :- https://www.instagram.com/elinor_jewels_/

Website link :- https://elinorjewels.com/

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