Cleanse: Time to pamper yourself with customized curation of skincare products that are just what your skin needs for healing and nourishment


Skin care isn’t just an outward manifestation of beauty and youth. It’s about your overall health and wellbeing. Your skin is an index of your state of mind. It reflects your health and happiness and also the lack of it. It’s worth devoting proper time and attention to show some love to your skin on a daily basis.

Launched on 15th October, 2021 by skin-care enthusiast Swathi Pedamallu, Cleanse is a promising new startup that aims to create awareness about the importance of skincare routine and makes such products more accessible to people who probably have no clue regarding the right skincare regimen suitable for their skin.

Beginning of a beautiful journey


For a long time in her early 20s, Swathi was plagued by the problem of acne and the subsequent scars that it gave rise to. It was then that she started delving deep into the world of skincare. Swathi did extensive research to understand the science of skin care and to come up with solutions catering to all skin types. During this phase of learning and unlearning, she realized that “Skin care is not accorded as much importance as it deserves.”

She figured out that a beautiful, glowing skin isn’t just a blessing of nature but a sum total of your habits and health. Thus, a holistic approach to skincare is the need of the hour. This would include a daily skin care regimen accompanied by a balanced diet and routine exercises. Swathi was determined to utilize her knowledge for the greater good of the public. Thus at the age of 26, armed with a sum of 50000, the feisty girl decided to nosedive into the world of entrepreneurship. That’s how Cleanse saw the light of day.

Cleanse: Because maintenance is better than repair


Cleanse is similar to a skin care subscription box that delivers curated skin care products at regular intervals of time. So based on an individual’s skin concern and skin type, this Hyderabad-based startup creates a personalized skin care regimen and then delivers it out on selected subscription types like 3 months,6 months or 12 months. Interestingly, the boxes are labeled as Jan box, Feb box and so on, based on the time of delivery. Moreover, Swathi firmly believes “healthy skin is a reflection of a healthy gut”.

As an extension of this philosophy, these subscription boxes are packed with nutrient-rich super foods that contribute to a healthy and glowing skin.

Swathi explains “We are just trying to make skin care more accessible and guide people who probably have skin concerns but don’t know what is the right product for their skin. We do thorough research and send out appropriate products to them.” The services are available across India and have benefited more than 30 customers since its inception. The concept of subscription boxes with customized products is still in its nascent stage in India but the trend is slowly catching up.

Cleanse’s Instagram page is a treasure-trove of valuable information pertaining to various aspects of skin care including product description, key ingredients used, DIY daily care regimen, relevant skincare tips and the superfoods that one must intake for a super skin.

Let’s see what the future holds


The brand strives to expand its chain of operations by working in collaboration with noted dermatologists from across the country whose knowledge and expertise would come in handy in due course of time. Besides developing dermatologically verified products, Cleanse intends to be associated with larger retail skin care chains so that the brand is accessible to a larger population. “Your skin is not a “problem” that you need to “fix”. It’s a part of you and needs your constant care and attention.” That’s the final message from Swathi and team Cleanse.

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