How This Bengaluru-based Startup ‘Bounce’ Is Helping The COVID-19 Frontline Workers

Bounce-Bike Sharing Startup
Bounce-Bike Sharing Startup

Bengaluru-based bike sharing startup Bounce has declared the dispatch of ScooterHero to help the development of frontline workers like healthcare workers, civic authorities, and delivery partners. Bike owners can join on and enroll their bikes to be utilized for development by the cutting edge laborers. Numerous healthcare workers, delivery executives are working nonstop to fight the pandemic. In any case, COVID-19 has constrained urban areas to fundamentally downsize open transportation administrations, in this way confining the development of these forefront warriors.

With the national lockdown and the restricted accessibility of administrations, portability has become a test for many frontline workers. But then, numerous individual proprietors have their bikes lying inert. The group propelled ScooterHero to acquire ease transport. People who enroll their vehicle have the alternative of loaning it to be utilized for nothing out of pocket, or can energize to Rs 80 every day.

The effect of coronavirus has been serious on the portability division. Numerous versatility new businesses like Rapido, Bounce, Yolo, Vogo, and even Ola and Uber, are working with basic food item players for conveyance, and even development to emergency clinics. The organizations have in any case been affected. The originators of Bounce have chosen to not take any pay, while the remainder of the workers have concurred for pay cuts in the scope of 20-60 percent to hold over the exceptionally troublesome business sway circumstance due to coronavirus.

Today, the Bengaluru-based startup is esteemed at $520 million. Bob, which has brought $207 million up in financing, has an armada of 19,000 bikes, timed more than 10 million rides in a year just in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, and was timing near 120,000 rides for every day in Bengaluru alone before coronavirus.


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