ATELIER & TAPESTRY – Exquisite and breezy art-inspired scarves that are redefining fashion trends.

A pearl always shines when taken out of its shell.

For an artist, all it takes is that creative spark to ignite a thought and, voilà, something interesting is born.

ATELIER & TAPESTRY, a brand is born when an artist, at a pivotal moment of her life – an age when many contemplate retirement, instead decided to embrace the digital world of e-commerce. The creative genius behind the brand created fashionable scarves from her original abstract paintings. After a little over a year, the brand has changed the meaning of fashion when it comes to scarves and the world of style.

People are mesmerized by this avant-garde combination of fluid art expressions on delicate fabric.

The artist: Renu decided to connect with her childhood passion – art, in 2016, when she had ample time after her children moved abroad for higher studies. She tried many styles of painting, but it was not until 2020 when she underwent a creative transformation and shifted her attention from portraiture to the mesmerizing world of abstract art. The fearlessness of brush strokes on a canvas gave her soul a sense of fulfilment. It appears she was still not satisfied and wanted to spread to the world the idea of feeling the art and not just feasting the eyes by appreciating the art piece. So, she soon went beyond that, experimenting with combining her original work with fabric. The result is a new fashion house – ATELIER & TAPESTRY. A brand where scarves are more than just accessories; they are the canvases of original art that can be worn with artistry and style. A well-known Canadian brand was born, manufacturing masterpieces on scarves.

“I am a strong believer that art can impact various aspects of life. The reason why and how Atelier & Tapestry is born.” Shared Renu.

Designer scarves crafted to wrap you in luxury, comfort, and timeless elegance.

The endeavor of creating the trendiest designer scarves started off with extensive study for the ideal fabric. She was looking for a material that could be turned into artistic scarves and at the same time was durable enough to last. It took a six-month long search to find the right manufacturer. It turns out a wool-silk blend is the perfect combination of the smoothness of silk with the luscious warm texture of merino wool, making the fabric breathable while remaining durable and sensually soft.

The creative integration of original art with unique fabric is what genuinely distinguishes the brand ATELIER & TAPESTRY from the rest.

The current collection has five pearls to pick from. Discover the coveted Bold, Black and White Original Art Printed Scarf – a true statement piece. Feel the vibrant energy with the striking Orange Designer Scarf. Flow with the symphony of inviting colors with the River Symphony Scarf. The Swirl Symphony Scarf is a visual masterpiece, dazzling with vibrant hues and symphonized patterns. Find tranquility in the Green Energy Scarf, inspired by the soothing tones of nature.

Whether you’re cozying up on chilly fall or winter evenings or venturing out for a spring or summer soirees, these scarves are the perfect accessory, a symbol of timeless style and enduring elegance.

Wrapping the beauty of growth in original artistry and thoughtful sustainability.

When you wrap yourself in one of A&T scarves, it’s not just about looking fashionable; it’s about wearing something extraordinary, original, and feeling truly privileged.

“ATELIER & TAPESTRY isn’t just about creating beautiful accessories; it’s about crafting unique, artistic expressions that you can wear, and the brand is all about a perfect blend of original artistry, quality and affordability.” Shared Renu.

ATELIER & TAPESTRY has gathered a loyal following, who aren’t just satisfied with their stylish scarves – they’re thrilled with what the brand represents. These delighted customers have become the most passionate advocates for ATELIER & TAPESTRY, enthusiastically spreading the word about the brand.

Atelier & Tapestry is also committed to sustainability by using a cotton bag as packaging making the brand truly sustainable.

“The brand is an online store for now, but I welcome all the fashion and clothing brands in India or elsewhere to present A&T products in their stores, making this unique brand easily accessible to everyone” Renu.

Her dream of introducing exclusive masterpieces to the world is swiftly becoming a reality. This is only the beginning of an exciting adventure for ATELIER & TAPESTRY, which is on its way to establishing a new worldwide fashion standard while redefining personal style.

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