Allo Innoware: With 1 lakh customers served in a span of just one year, Allo Innoware has become a bestselling health safe kitchenware brand on Amazon

“To keep the body in good health is a duty. Otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.” ~ Buddha

In today’s modern world when consumerism is at its peak, it’s important to choose products that prioritize our health and well being over everything else. Especially when it comes to choosing kitchen products that directly have an impact on the food we eat. When most brands produce fancy kitchen essentials that look good but harm your body, there’s one brand that comes in as a breath of fresh air. Launched in September 2019 by Jinay Gala, Allo Innoware has become a bestselling brand in kitchenware category on Amazon. The brand aspires to touch lives globally using the lightning speed digital channels.

How Allo Innoware came into existence

Majority of kitchens are dominated by plastic products. Storing food in plastic containers is a routine affair. Not only that, people use these harmful containers to heat their food in the microwave. When these containers are heated, they release harmful chemicals into the food. These harmful chemicals  lead to many health issues as well as cause destruction of nutrients in the food. All this concerned Jinay. In his own words “This got me searching if there is any brand in India that is focused on providing health safe containers. Unfortunately, no brand was focused on it and in fact nobody was even creating awareness about it.”

He decided to focus on creating awareness of such practices and providing alternative solutions to that. Thus Allo was born. The brand name is the eponym of “Aloe Vera” , the most health beneficial plant. Their current range of products is called Allo FoodSafe. Interestingly, the first product, launched in September 2019, India’s First Break Lock Glass Lunch Box is a bestseller on Amazon.

Allo Innoware : Everything you need to know

Allo Innoware

Allo FoodSafe has quickly earned the trust and respect of its consumers on account of its noble intentions, superior-quality products, impeccable service and customer-friendly approach. It’s not just a money-making venture but also an attempt to create awareness about sustainability and health. Design and problem solving have always been the prime focus of the Allo team. They figured out that lock breakage was a major problem in existing glass containers. Hence they launched Registered Design of India’s First break free lock glass containers and lunch box.

Allo FoodSafe ensures its packaging and communication design stands out when compared with traditional brands. The products are available on Allo website, Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm. They are also creating a community on Instagram by sharing recipes, cooking videos, kitchen hacks, etc.

Allo Innoware

Surging ahead with confidence

The brand was started with the objective of providing people a better alternative to unhealthy kitchen products. It sure has come a long way within a short span of time.  They have been working on their upcoming range of Allo CookSafe triply stainless steel which will be a healthier alternative to Non Stick Cookware. Allo team is striving to be synonymous with Healthy Kitchenware across the globe by 2025. With its brand value on the rise, that day doesn’t seem to be too far.

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