TONOTO – Make a serious style statement with this brand’s modern and contemporary accessories, crafted by Indian artisans.

    Human imagination blended with the handmade artistry can create something truly wonderful. TONOTO – one of India’s fastest growing and popular hand embroidered accessory and jewelry brand – is a beautiful testimony to this.

    Founded by Shivi Bist a graduate in Textile Design from NIFT and co-founded by Ruchit Dugar her lawyer husband, TONOTO was an idea that happened when they both shifted from Delhi to their native place during the first wave of the pandemic.

    Santoshi shetty in Tonoto banana Beaded earrings

    TONOTO aims to be different in concept, design, finish and fashionable expression. That the founders strongly believed in their idea, is reflected in the fact that they invested all their savings to get it started.

    Shivi said “We are a proud all women run organization working towards making Tonoto a brand that celebrates fashion and art. Our efforts are focused on making Tonoto a trendy and unique fashion destination.”

    TONOTO – The artist is Indian…. The art is contemporary… The style is Global….

    Mira Kapoor in Tonoto Daisy Hand embroidered mask

    TONOTO has kept pace with modern design and fashion trends using Indian techniques and artisans.

    The initial product line that got things stared were hand embroidered masks and jewelry. These two items really helped push the brand towards gaining recognition. The masks with chains especially were a big hit. The cute motifs, beads, French knots, festive theme, party theme, pet theme, fruit theme give their products a personalized touch and make a fashion statement.

    Chokers and earrings for festive as well as everyday wear, also created quite a stir. The Fruit Basket and the Chakmak collections are a real rage with the fashionistas! More creations have been added to the portfolio and it has grown to include an incredible and colourful variety of brooches, finger rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and also customized hand embroidered jewelry. Parallelly they are also working on new product lines in the wearable fashion industry.

    What’s important to note here is that all these items have been crafted by Indian artisans!

    TONOTO – Embroidering the growth story with passion

    Custom jewellery done for quirky miss

    Shivi and Ruchit are both extremely passionate about Indian craft and handmade products. Their vision is to take hand embroidery creations to mainstream fashion. They have fulfilled over 4,200 orders that generated a revenue of more than 45 lakhs.

    As a fashion brand, TONOTO wants to be accessible to every young Indian. At its soul it is a brand that represents everything which stands for Made In India.

    Shweta Tripathi in Tonoto hand embroidered mask

    An important milestone that the brand has achieved, is that, it has been selected by the very prestigious Atal Incubation Yojna – a flagship initiative to promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship started by central government and implemented by Niti Ayog.

    All this makes for a truly exciting future and TONOTO is set to take hand embroidered products to exciting new horizons of design and fashion!

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