The Sister Story – This gourmet dessert brand is creating sweets that are as indulgent as they are tasty.

    As the name suggests, The Sister Story is a brand co-founded by Nasreen & Zareen Godil.

    Nasreen is a Decor Enthusiast constantly striving to make things aesthetically pleasing, and Zareen is A Pastry Chef and Chocolatier with a passion for creating unique products. The Sister Story is a synergy of both their passions.

    “We at The Sister Story believe every occasion, be it small or big should be celebrated. Our attention to detail helps us design beautiful hampers” says the sisters.

    All their Hampers contain their inhouse products like Gourmet Dates, Nut Mixes and Brownies available in delectable flavours.

    The Sister Story offers a variety of products –

    The Sister Story

    1. Gourmet Dates in the following flavours:

    -Apricot cranberry

    -Almond Bomb

    -Gulkand Pistachio



    -Peanut butter bomb 

    2. Cranberry Almond rocks:

    -Peri Peri Nut mix

    -Brownie Bites

    -Flavoured Nuts

    The Sister Story specializes in confectioneries with their main ingredient being naturally sweet – dates. Dates have a history of being the perfect sweet yet healthy option for every occasion. For centuries we have been eating them for good health and now we can enjoy them with a little twist.

    Other services offered at The Sister Story include –

    The Sister Story

    1. Customised hampers for all occasions

    2. Personalized notes

    3. Colour Coordination 

    4. Tailor made options as per varying budgets

    5. Fresh florals as decor options in the hampers

    Apart from their highlight, “gourmet dates”, The Sister Story is also loved for their unique gift hampers for any occasion be it birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, birth announcements, etc. They design cute and customized gift hampers with an assortment of all their products, making them the perfect gift for your next occasion.

    How it all began…

    The Sister Story

    The Sister Story was started by two sisters Zareen and Nasreen in July 2021 with an initial investment of only Rs.1,00,000. Initially, there were a lot of setbacks due to the pandemic since the sisters were a few kilometres away from each other which made it even more difficult to collaborate on ideas and recipes. However, the sisters, armed with their skills, successfully launched their brand.

    Apart from their daily orders, The Sister Story are the busiest during festivals such as Diwali, Ramadan & Christmas. With their long list of loyal and repeat clientele, they are looking at a prosperous future ahead.

    A sweet and delicious future awaits…

    In the next few years, The Sister Story is looking at expanding their presence in retail stores.

    To order for yourself or for a corporate event, reach out to then on their Instagram

    @thesisterstoryco or you could also visit their website to choose from their luxurious gift hampers and bulk order options.

    Contact Number – 9769795705/ 9892656666

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