Quintype a Big Data and AI-based publishing platform announces a joint venture with Motherly to support modern parents


    Quintype is a data-driven publishing firm largely concentrating in digital media. Founded by Amit Rathore, this end-to-end SaaS platform uses AI and big data to manage all elements of a modern online media operation. Based out of Bengaluru and California, Quintype’s goal is to not only reduce technology costs but also helps them to make the most data to yield more revenue and profits. The company announced its coalition with Motherly, a digital platform that supports women by providing them with necessary information related to motherhood and pregnancy. The platform works like a community network that collaborates with influencers, experts and users to deliver updated content.

    Motherly will use the knowledge and expertise from its database of influencers, bloggers, authors, and experts to extract deep insights on modern millennial parenting. Content that will be created will include news headlines, expert advice, latest modern innovative products and other services that will be helpful in addition to ongoing research on pregnancy. Its objective is to keep mothers motivated during sleepless nights. This is first of its kind partnership with US-based media joint venture for Quintype. The target audience mainly comprises of millennial women all around the world. Quintype focuses to help Motherly grow its business largely in Asia, by looking out for new customers, partners, and investors.

    The purpose of partnering with Quintype, Motherly is focusing to expand its model and in turn, build its very own expert contributor community. This will also help Motherly to move its interface to a first-hand mobile experience. Along with relevant information, Motherly curates products and services.

    Amit mentioned that Quintypes next-gen, data-driven publishing platform is just the perfect fit for such a content-driven community service. He also believes that Motherly is not just a basic parenting platform or a mommy blog, but on a path, that will do something for modern moms. Through collaborations with experts, social media influencers and content creators, Motherly’s objective is to provide personalized content in a way a mother or soon to be mother can understand and relate to.

    Amit say that the team at Quintype is excited to help Motherly develop their business to be fully functional and responsive. Regarding the Motherly team, Amit says that they are well aware of what their audience needs and that Quintype is working on providing Motherly with a data-driven,mobile-first platform to engage their viewers. Jill Koziol, Co-founder and CEO of Motherly says that this joint venture will help provide a sharper focus on their core business of connecting experts to mothers. Motherly see this partnership with Quintype as a golden opportunity to leverage a publishing platform, without the distractions and costs involved in becoming a full-fledged technology company.

    While the program is free for new upcoming companies, a percentage of equity stakes will be shared with Quintype. Amit adds that this will depend on namely 1. What is the Stage of the startup? 2. How much amount of funding raised? 3. How much is the Complexity of the site or app? 4. What is the Business plan?

    SpeakWrite’s focus is to give these startups expertise that includes engagement perspective to the development and audience distribution. The mentors at Quintype have vast entrepreneurship and corporate experience along with insights in the publishing domain.

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