ORCO : This mother-daughter duo is on a mission to empower 1 lakh women and make a difference in the most remarkable way


    “The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.” ~ Roseanne Bar

    The life of a woman begins to change the day she stops seeking validation from others and understands that she’s her own boss. This realization takes time and introspection. But once she is sure about herself, nothing can stop her from chasing her dreams. The world, in awe of her powers, then calls her “empowered “. But you know what? A woman can be said to be truly empowered when she takes on the responsibility of empowering other women too. And that’s what the mother-daughter duo of Pragya Agarwal & Adhvika Agarwal aim to accomplish with the launch of their startup ORCO (ORganic COndiments) in 2019. The brand is for women & by women, manufacturing healthy, clean and natural products for the taste palette of health-conscious individuals.

    It’s the intent that counts

    Like all other unforgettable journeys, this one began with a noble intention. Co-founder Pragya Agarwal’s maid, Parvati was an unfortunate victim of domestic abuse. She wanted to break free from that abusive marriage but didn’t have the means or skills to do so. It was then that Pragya decided to step in and help her maid. She put Parvati’s impeccable household work and spice-grounding skill to good use. Soon, she inspired other local women to join. Thus, Pragya created an opportunity to provide pure, fresh hand-ground spices made out of hand mill to the entire community by setting up a small plant in the house.

    Her daughter, 25-years-old Adhvika,  came back to India after completing her post graduation in Entrepreneurship from CASS BUSINESS SCHOOL, LONDON. She was inspired by her mother’s honest attempt at changing the fate of helpless women who now loved the idea of being in an environment that felt safe, homely and paid them well. Adhvika explains “My mother and I are both health-conscious, appreciate and love clean food, and encourage healthy eating. This was our chance to provide others with chemical free spices which were handmade with love.” Thus, the exciting journey began by listing their brand ORCO (ORganic COndimnets) and then selling its products to local retail stores.

    ORCO :  Making a difference in the most remarkable ways

    What makes ORCO unique is its emphasis on using a hand mill to ground spices along with procuring the best certified organic spices from all across India. The products are handmade, 100% Certified Organic, hand-ground hand-cleaned and hand-pounded. Manufacturing spices on hand mills allow spices to breathe and retain all their nutrients and aroma in it, making them fuller, fresher and pure.

    They are sold through a few organic and modern trade channels in Delhi NCR and also through Amazon, Flipkart and its own website (www.orco.in). ORCO spices are exported abroad. This has helped the brand to build a strong reputation and presence in foreign countries.

    A future with endless possibilities

    From 10k customers in the first year to 40k customers the following year, the growth has been on the upswing. The momentum still continues to persist and the brand is confident about its success in the coming years.  More importantly, it is confident of empowering more than 1 Lakh woman with its product range.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/organiccondiments
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/organiccondiments


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