NatureLand Organics: Launched by 2 agriculturist brothers, this brand is working towards the farm to fork model and creating high quality organic products at cost-friendly prices.

    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” While this seems unimaginable in the modern world, Natureland Organics is working hard to make this a reality.

    A little about the founders…

    NatureLand Organics was founded by Mr. Arvind Godara and Mr. Ajeet Godara with an aim to serve good quality food to one and all. Both the founders hail from a very humble background. Originally from a farmer’s family, this duo started their company to assist farmers and ensure everyone has an affordable access to Organic food.

    Why NatureLand Organics…

    Natureland Organics

    NatureLand Organics strives to make every product in your household as natural and healthy as possible. The brand offers a great variety of healthy products like breakfast cereals, oils, clarified butter, pulses, flours, superfoods, cereals, healthy powder mixtures, juices, jams and much more. But unlike the big competitors in the market, what’s different about NatureLand Organic products is that the products are created organically and are therefore free from GMO, chemicals and other harmful ingredients.

    All this while being better for the environment, and adding to the health and the immunity of their consumers. They take the farm-to-fork concept to their heart and hence are able to maintain the food quality without any adulterations when it reaches the consumers.

    Necessity called for the inception of NatureLand Organics…

    Natureland Organics

    Like every business, NatureLand Organics was born out of a need. Hailing from a farming background, the founder brothers recognized first-hand the issues faced by the Indian Agricultural sector. It is no secret that the rapid changes in climate damages a lot of harvest which in turn diminishes the health and safety levels of raw food. Hence while searching for solutions to combat this, Mr. Arvind Godara and Mr. Ajeet Godara believed in Organic farming and started NatureLand Organics.

    The future is Organic…

    Natureland Organics

    NatureLand Organics stands by the mission to live up to its tagline “Eat Natural, Live Healthy!” With their continuous efforts to provide organic, healthy and quality food they have garnered excellent reviews from their consumers and are a loved brand in most households. You will also find Indian mothers promoting the use of NatureLand Organics in their daily cooking on their Instagram handle @ naturelandorganics

    Currently they are serving Pan India and plan to expand and make a name for themselves in the Organic food and beverage sector. It’s notable that they serve superfood, cereals, juices, snacks, pickles, spices, powders and even the complete range of grocery products. To try their products you can purchase from Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Grofers and many more.

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