Around Good Food: An appetizing menu of gourmet plant food crafted to be affordable, delicious and conscience friendly too!

    Around Good Food

    Our life, in more ways than one, revolves around food. But Mallika Roy a new age “foodprenuer”,
    has crafted a recipe that perhaps promises to make our lives revolve only “Around Good Food”.

    Around Good Food is Mallika’s maiden food centric venture and it is in her very own words
    “An honest attempt to first impact prevailing mindsets and then, make palates more receptive to the concept of conscious cooking and serving.”

    With her flagship venture Mallika wants to clear a fundamental misconception – that a Vegan / Plant based diet is not about simply declining certain foods on your plate. It is instead a valid acknowledgement about creating space on your plate for a wholesome variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes.

    Nourishment that feeds the body and touches the soul

    A marketing and branding professional, social activist and now also a Chef, Mallika, motivated by her own personal life experience plus her deep reading of ancient Indian texts on food and food habits, curates appetizing menus that invites people to experience how delicious and energetic compassionate eating can be.

    Around Good Food to begin with, is a Pune based “subscription only”, food ordering platform. With a steady stream of sign ups, it is quickly evolving to be recognised for creating a heightened awareness about the fact that Food needs to be looked at differently.

    Mallika very subtly, through a healthy and flavoursome mix is gently changing perspectives about plant based whole food diet. Her definition of food goes beyond being a necessity for the body. Instead, it instils into the person consuming the food that it is nourishment for the soul too!

    Food Transforms. Food Heals

     Changing Lives through Healthy Eating” is the single-minded purpose of “Around Good Food”. Mallika however acknowledges, the larger “transformational” challenge is to convert people having easy access to junk food.

    With multiple lifestyle health concerns on the rise, Mallika with her health and wellness focus food offerings is aiming for a higher goal than simply satisfying appetites. 

    She quotes that “My goal is to reset our bodies, heal from emotional pain, transform into our best selves yet, resurface as powerful beings, and experience incredible joy.” This she says is possible by the healing and restorative powers of whole plant foods, which have proven to positively impact the body and the brain and help combat depression, mood swings, anxiety and other ailments.

    Gourmet goes affordable

    Around Good Food offers a selection of Raw, Cooked and Fermented food at an incredibly affordable price. Subscription plans are available for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Breakfast is a healthy basket of homemade vegan spreads and jams. Lunch and dinner are a nutritious balance of meals, salads, soups and desserts. Also on the menu are handmade sauces, homemade granola, Kimchi and sauerkraut.

    With a long term plan of opening her own restaurant, Mallika for now is content of letting people be Around Good Food and building a lifestyle defined by health!

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