Making a Splash with Farbfleck: A Resin Revolution in the Art World

    Resin art has been making waves in the world of craft and décor. From pendants to wall clocks, the versatility of resin has allowed artists to create a range of unique and eye-catching products. One such brand that has taken the resin art world by storm is Farbfleck.

    Founded by Aditi Jori, a passionate 23-year-old, Farbfleck is a homegrown venture that specializes in creating small and adorable resin products. From butterfly danglers to pretty moon pendants, Aditi’s collection is a perfect blend of art and functionality. In coasters, orange tea coasters attracts attention. Aditi’s attention to detail and love for her work is evident in each product, making them special and one of a kind. 

    “Farbfleck’s Mission: Crafting Happiness”

    They offer a wide range of products like wall clocks, table clocks, tea coasters, show pieces, trays, pendants, keychains, bookmarks.

    “Aditi’s Resin Voyage: From Law to Art”

    Aditi’s journey to starting Farbfleck is a unique one. Initially planning to pursue a career in design, she switched to law but eventually found her way back to her first love, art. It was during the COVID period that she finally took the plunge and started Farbfleck. Farbfleck is Aditi’s passion project. The brand name, Farbfleck, is a German word meaning “color stain,” reflecting Aditi’s connection to the German language. 

    Balancing a full-time job and running Farbfleck can be challenging, but Aditi has found her comfort zone in resin art. She believes that having a switch in mindset is key to managing time and maintaining work-life balance. She maintains a strong conviction that possessing both the desire to work and learn, as well as the courage to exceed one’s limits, can propel an individual forward by leaps and bounds.

    Aditi conducts workshops to connect with more people and spread the love for resin art.

    Farbfleck’s mission is simple – to create products that make both the creator and the recipient happy. Their best selling products are show pieces preserved with varmala flowers and wall clocks. Additionally, the brand also specializes in corporate gifting.

    The brand ships internationally and has already made a mark in countries like the UAE, Germany, and the US. Aditi is proud to have served numerous customers and has received positive feedback from satisfied customers.

    “The Future of Farbfleck: Expanding Horizons”

    Aditi is open to new opportunities and is considering expanding her reach to other cities. She plans to expand the team and take up more challenging bulk orders. With the support of a small community, Aditi sees a bright future for Farbfleck. The brand has started conducting workshops, and plan to conduct monthly workshops and reach out to more people, who are interested in resin art.

    “Sticking to Sustainability with Farbfleck”

    Though resin is not a sustainable material, Aditi has made sure to use recycled brown paper packaging and tries to follow sustainable norms. Each product is packed with love and comes with a hand-written note, adding a personal touch to the customer experience.

    With Aditi’s passion for resin art and her dedication to her brand, Farbfleck is sure to make a splash in the art world for years to come.

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