KAOAPH FASHION – A contemporary jewellery brand inspired by rich, boundless aesthetic sense of today’s women

“I am convinced that there can be luxury in simplicity.” ~ Jil Sander

There’s no such thing as perfect jewelry. However, some brands manage to capture the timelessness and style of each unique piece of jewelry. Launched in 2018 by Rudrali Gupta, KAOAPH is a contemporary demi-fine jewelry brand that presents the idea of simple luxury in the form of awe- inspiring creativity and craftsmanship coupled with utmost dedication and love.

Story of hope and inspiration


When asked about the story of KAOAPH’s inception, the founder Rudrali Gupta said “We started from scratch with the bare minimum. All I had was a burning desire to make a mark in this field.” She was drawn towards contemporary art and minimalism and believed jewellery to be an effective form of self- expression and self-discovery. All the products she designs are inspired by the travels, the diversity and culture, the nature and habitat across the globe and the things we feel and experience everyday, and imbibes stories and tales with a creative spirit.

Her deep passion for jewellery coupled with her keen interest in the design process and the eagerness to witness the art of jewellery creation led Rudrali to launch her own label. From spending hours in her small workshop, making abstract jewellery by herself to building a successful jewellery brand, the gutsy lady has come a long way.

Come, spark a dialog with us


KAOAPH strives to create a sustainable ecosystem that’s not only attuned to the moods and minds of contemporary women but also establishes an effortless experience for them. Everyday, the team beats their own schedule to drive themselves in creating pieces that feel and look unusual. Going against the tide and standing firm by the belief that jewellery is a form of self expression, the brand has repeatedly rejected mass factory production so that the beauty of jewelry making is handed over to skilled craftsmen, thus supporting thoughtful hands and artisanal industry.

Based out of Pune and Atlanta, this demi-fine jewellery brand ensures a seamless merge of fashion jewellery and fine gold thereby creating urban and imaginative pieces of long-lasting quality and rare brilliance.

KAOAPH’s jewellery is made with skin-friendly materials and plated in 18-22 Karat Gold. Besides being lead and nickel-free, materials such as 925 sterling silver, brass, stainless steel and metal alloys are used. Rudrali adds “We additionally do a 15 to 28 micron extra gold plating to the jewellery, which protects them from tarnishing, coating and makes them water-resistant.”

A small glimpse of Kaoaph’s collection


The brand represents everyday luxury that’s easy on the pocket and pleasing to the eyes. Its spellbinding pearl collection is a celebration of the graceful embodiment that pearls are. They are often sourced from Andamans with the help of Kaoaph’s dedicated, in-house team.

Take a look at the gender-fluid collection to understand and appreciate the inclusive and dynamic spirit of fashion jewellery.

A quick peek into their festive launch – “9-to-5” and “Sundowners” collective, an easy and effortless jewel toned transition from your desk to drinks. These collectives have been loved and appreciated by the KAOAPH community across the globe, as they denote personal joy and an ode to their fulfilling journey so far.

The ‘Island Dreams’ collection is inspired by the idea of a luxurious yet playful summer that shines and sparks and helps you experience the realms of playfulness and dialogues. This collection is laden with pearls, beads and semi precious stones drenched in pop tones of different hues.

KAOAPH doesn’t shy away from experimenting with new ideas and designs, dabbling in textured geometry inspired by nature while retaining the essence of modern-day aesthetics.

In a short span of time, KAOAPH has made its presence felt by featuring in Vogue India, Elle India, The Indian Express, Enuff Mag, What’s Hot and other popular publications. Ruchika Kapoor, creative director and executive vice-president of Balaji Motion Pictures, is one of Kaoaph’s esteemed clients and a big admirer of its works.

Before wrapping up…


KAOAPH has already taken giant strides in the fashion world with its chic, minimalistic and experimental pieces, and greatly appreciated by the celebrity community, like Tisca Chopra, Tapsee Pannu, Sonam Kapoor, Nushrratt Baruccha, Lisa Mishra, and Divya Seth Shah to name a few. The concept of demi-fine jewellery has been promoted and popularized through some of its stunning pieces that are an embodiment of art, creativity and skill, making them a pioneer in the demi fine segment making a mark in the industry

The brand is focused on expanding both locally and globally while creating awareness among jewellery lovers so that they don’t end up buying products of inferior quality and poor finish. “We transform unconventional ideas and thought processes into emotionally captivating pieces, making it truly a collector’s choice” affirms Rudrali.

Website link – https://www.kaoaph.com/9-to-5 https://www.kaoaph.com/sundowners https://www.kaoaph.com/island-dreams https://www.kaoaph.com/pearls

Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/kaoaph/

Facebook link – https://www.facebook.com/kaoaph/

linkedin link – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFfpeR0bRqVDyaCuZTTs1Bg

Youtube link – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFfpeR0bRqVDyaCuZTTs1Bg

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