Making a difference one effort at a time- here are the golden Indian entrepreneurs-eco-friendly-sustainable taking the eco-friendly and sustainable route to make the world a better place!

    World Environment Day

    The Woman’s Company


    The Woman’s Company is a green company that sells biodegradable Women’s Intimate Hygiene Products as they deeply care for the environment. They are by women and for women and they understand the needs of a woman as nobody else can! Indian entrepreneurs


    TWC started operations on the 8th March – International Women’s Day with an objective to offer biodegradable, sustainable and environmental friendly products to women for a better living via sanitary napkins, menstrual cups, tampons, razors and stand and pee urination devices.


    This new venture is all about gifting women an intimate platform to call their own; to make them a little more comfortable, secure, healthy and loved, so they can go out and face their fears and live their dreams.

    Anika Parashar, Founder & CEO of The Woman’s Company has grown up across four continents and has worked in building women’s health and women’s brands in India for the last two decades.It is her passion to create and provide meaningful solutions for women’s overall health and wellness.


    The Woman’s Company is her latest venture which was inspired by her daughter Inayat – she believes greatly in the strength and resilience of women – she’s a single mother, lost her parents very young and yet she believes she has a lot to give back.


    reCharkha (Indian entrepreneurs)

    reCharkha EcoSocial is an endeavor born out of an urge to change the face of our priceless natural surroundings, society, culture and heritage for the better. 

    reCharkha EcoSocial is a Social Enterprise, founded on the belief that, development can only be sustainable if it is bottom-up! This means, sustainable development is possible only when it begins at the grassroots and involves an empathetic understanding of the other biotic and abiotic communities.


    Their three core areas of work that are geared to achieve this very model are conserving our environment and heritage, enabling rural livelihoods and creating conscious consumers.

    Their present focus is resolving the issue of Waste Management, especially that of the non-biodegradable and difficult-to-recycle Waste Plastic. In addition, their initiative employs Tribal Women and Youth, to enable craft-based livelihood opportunities for them. 

    Their initiative of UPCYCLING waste plastic into beautiful handcrafted fabric, uses the Indian traditional CHARKHA and HANDLOOM, thus keeping the process entirely manual. The fabric is used to make consumer products such as handbags, fashion accessories, office utilities and home decor products.

    Their Vision and Mission has been to believe in a broad and long term vision of rising towards EcoSocial development  and their more immediate mission is UPCYCLING waste to conserve the environment, enable rural livelihoods and create aware citizens of this planet!


    Bamboo India (Indian entrepreneurs)

    Bamboo India mission is a Pune, India based first generation startup by Yogesh Shinde founded on 15th Aug 2016. Primary aim of Bamboo India is to change the bamboo perception from The Poor Man’s Timber to Wise Man’s Timber by providing plastic products replacement using innovative Bamboo Products like Bamboo Toothbrush, Bamboo Earbuds, corporate Gift articles & many more.

    United Nation appreciated Bamboo India’s work and invited New Delhi to Participate in Start-up Innovation Exhibition on World Environment Day -2018. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ji appreciated their contribution. They have also been invited to the SAARC conference to showcase Bamboo Sector Success Story. In the last 4 years, they have saved 13.5 lac kg of plastic by replacing it with Bamboo Products. In last 4 years, Bamboo Toothbrushes production of 1000 pieces per week has now reached to 50,000 Bamboo Toothbrushes per Day!

    Exporting to 18 countries worldwide, including 2400 pin code in India, their customers are well-known brands like OralB, United Nation, National Geographic, Taj Hotels and many more. They signed manufacturing contract with the world’s biggest oral care brand to make Bamboo Toothbrush in India and bring change.


    NETE.IN (Indian entrepreneurs) (pronounced as netty) is a curated online store supporting slow made and sustainable clothing and accessories. puts together an esoteric collection of clothing and accessories lateral and unique; one that will be a mix for an upbeat and obscure side of an individual. The brands innate sense of style features a playful juxtaposition between classics, urban street style and easy silhouettes.

    In addition to the above, heavily supports Slow Made, Fair Trade, Organic Clothing, Conscious Consumption, Handmade, Sustainable Fashion, Up-cycling and Recycling. They have been working toward making their packaging strictly sustainable, finding and have found ways to counter their carbon footprint, the execution of these initiatives have unfortunately been delayed however they are set to be deployed this year. 


    IKKIVI – Bringing Contemporary Indian Ethical Fashion Under One Roof

    IKKIVI is a multi-brand curated platform that sells one-of-a-kind ethical fashion from Indian designers. Offering a marketplace for mindful consumption, they source and promote independent Indian designers who empower the artisan, revive culture, stay rooted in timeless design, and hold a heart for nature and for the environment. 

    Founding IKKIVI five years ago, Nivi Murthy says that “it is imperative, now more than ever, for us to re-design the fashion system, produce with care, and slow down the process of consumption”. 

    The women-led and run business has been working with designers and brands who are making beautiful products and trying to create minimal negative effects on the environment and its people by innovating different techniques and resources. Their brand ‘Doodlage’ wields scrap waste and recycled materials, ‘SUI’ uses organic fabrics made from hemp, and ‘Mishe’ (amongst others) employs orange peel fabric to create novel designs – all of which have taken them a step further in understanding sustainable production and studying their influences on the natural world. 

    Through IKKIVI, shares Nivi, “we wish to support and guide people to truly understand the urgency of making sustainable living a mass choice, and to show the value, beauty and impact we can have by making the choice to buy something that is made thoughtfully.” 

    IKKIVI’s pioneering initiative in the Indian luxury fashion market has been praised unanimously in the media, and has been featured in issues of Vogue, The Hindu, Homegrown, Conscious Chatter, Lissome, Hue by the Fashion Institute of Technology, Melanin & Sustainable Style etc. 

    You can join the IKKIVI journey on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.


    SAATHI (Indian entrepreneurs)

    Saathi is a worldwide UN recognized sustainable manufacturing company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Their journey started back in 2015 when Tarun Bothra & Kristin Kagetsu, decided to give direction to their passion to provide sustainable solutions for feminine hygiene to women in India. In 2015, they came up with their first sanitary napkins which are 100% biodegradable & compostable unlike any conventional sanitary pads. These pads are made of banana & bamboo fibres with other plant based materials which are 100% natural, chemical free & eco-friendly.

    They have a multi-layered impact throughout their supply chain: banana farmers receive additional income, consumers are able to use all natural product which doesn’t cause irritation or rashes, & finally they have product that are compostable & therefore doesn’t have any negative impact on the environment either through plastic waste or CO2 emissions which traditional pads have. Saathi’s biodegradable sanitary napkins get decomposed within 6 months whereas conventional sanitary pads take 500-800 years. 

    Their Robinhood business model allows them to sell pads at a premium in urban & use these profits to sell at cost in rural. With their program #ONEMILLIONPADS they partner with NGOs to distribute pads among underprivileged rural women. Their products are available on various e-commerce & retail stores.


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