GET GREENIE – An organic Smart Garden on a mission to change food habits to make people more mindful of what they are eating!

The will to change things is a powerful driving force. It has the power to genuinely transform things and bring about change that improves people’s quality of life on a long-term basis.

Something that Polina Koroleva, a Russian who studied and completed her Masters’s in Finance at the best University in China, dared to dream about and accomplish.


During the economic crisis in Russia, she got a job teaching English. After a while, she got to work as an intern for an investment bank and then got a job offer from them. Not a big fan of banking, she joined TikTok as a project manager and here she met her husband who is an Indian. Soon she quit her job and came to India where Polina started to seriously think of doing something worthwhile that could bring a tangible change.

After a lot of research and with a substantial investment of INR 5 lacs in 2016, GET GREENIE was founded– a portable hydroponic set-up where anyone could plant tender greens and get a fresh salad farm at home!

GET GREENIE – A portable innovation that brings fresh organic greens right into your home…


GET GREENIE is a smart and compact wooden setup just 15 cm long and 30cm wide. The unit is made of a base holding the pots and it also contains grow lights, which are attached to the unit and shine down from a set height onto the pots.

To begin growing at home, water needs to be poured into the set-up and after that, the given seed of choice needs to be put on top of the magic soil and that’s all. The pots in which the plants grow contains all the essential nutrients required by them to grow. The water in the tank needs to be refilled every 4 to 6 weeks.

This is truly a Smart Organic Garden for people residing in metropolitan cities who don’t have the time, but would want to plant something and get fresh, chemical-free greens at home!

It is a Modified hydroponic system that produces organic food with 5 great advantages.

  • Convenient and reasonably priced set-up
  • No hassle of everyday watering
  • Can grow both green veggies and flowers
  • No pesticides or any sort of chemicals to be used at all.
  • Completely hassle-free with zero maintenance.

Nurturing an “organic” way of life that is convenient and healthy too!

What Polina Koroleva and her committed team at GET GREENIE aim to achieve in the long run is quite a challenging task.

They want to make this world a better place by healthifying people’s diets and creating a waste-free green ecosystem. You eat Greenie leaves as you go, so you won’t waste any spoiled food that lays in the fridge for too long. Moreover, Greenie doesn’t require transportation and refrigeration, so the fuel pollution will also be cut.

The fact that the setting up of the unit is so convenient and the larger units are on the way, they are targeting to encourage and convert more and more people to invest in having a basic organic farm at home, so eating organic becomes accessible and effortless. 

Healthy diets make for happy people and with more than 150 orders already fulfilled a start has been made. You too can be a part of this quiet revolution.

The garden would be easy to use and would require very little maintenance, making it the perfect addition to any home.

Just visit to learn more about it and get ready to enter a whole new world of health and happiness.

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