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    A home is a personal space where everyone wants to add their own special touch, to make it look more beautiful. To do this there are multiple home décor options available. Today, the online marketplace has made buying home décor quicker and easier. What is most important however, in the online market model, is the “SOURCE” that one chooses.

    Here is where a brand like CRAFTTER makes a difference. Says Sachin Sohaniya founder CRAFTTER “Our benchmark is to provide our customers with an ONLINE shopping experience that is almost as good as a physical store experience, minus the hassles of searching for a shop or hunting for parking space. We offer well designed products that add a different vibe to spaces.”

    CRAFTTER – Experience home décor in a whole new dimension


    Craftter as a business, operates entirely as an online buying platform. It has two distinct home décor shopping portals – catering to an Indian audience and another portal which caters exclusively to the American market.

    Apart from selling from its own website, Craftter is also listed as an authorised vendor on Amazon, Pepperfry and Urban Ladder. This extensive presence and reach has meant, that the beauty of its products have been discovered by more than 30000+ customers till today!


    CRAFTTER has thoughtfully curated its entire product portfolio with items that are compact in shape and distinctive in design. Each piece on its own is capable of enhancing the ambiance of a space and making it look cool and classy.

    Just hang a beautiful clock from CRAFTTER on the wall and time will look beautiful. Just put down a rug in your room and everyone will be floored. Put up an art piece and see everyone go wow! Switch on the lamp and feel the space glow with joy. That is how evocative things from CRAFTTER can be.

    So if you want to jazz up the walls of your home or even add that wow factor to your gifting simply click and connect with CRAFTTER!

    All the products are sourced from a pool of talented artisans and crafted to very high quality standards in terms of material, aesthetics as well as durability.  Customers can scroll through the portals and discover truly distinctive, handcrafted home décor items, spanning 7 categories and 20+ sub categories.

    The CRAFTTER portfolio today is an interesting palette of highly artistic and diverse mix of home décor pieces finished in matt, copper and gold on wood or metal. The range consists of-

    With a sourcing team that works with over 150 vendors to source the best products at the most affordable price, plus its very own logistics and customer support team, CRAFTTER is truly a unique home décor space. 

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