Core Asana: Wellness Meets Fashion to Create The Most Coveted Sustainable Yoga Accessories

The ancient art of Yoga is essentially a spiritual discipline based on an extremely subtle science, which focuses on bringing harmony between mind and body. The word ‘Yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’, meaning ‘to join’ or ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’. Many believe that it is an art and science of healthy living that gives long term sustainable benefits with minimal side effects. People across the world have embraced this practice into their daily lives and is now an integral part of global pop culture. So with a phenomenon as big as this, yoga has spawned a number of businesses that aim to enhance your spiritual journey by providing accessories suitable for yoga.

Shivam tyagi (co-founder), Malvika gupta (Head of design), Vaishali tyagi (Head of marketing), Amrita singh (Digital Marketing manager), Shubham tyagi (Founder), Bipin (Operations Manager)

One such business is Core Asana which was founded by twenty-somethings Shubham Tyagi and Shivam Tyagi in September 2021 with an initial capital of Rs 20 lakh. The brand helps the Indian youth blend functionality with style to bring a sublime range of products that help you put your most fashionable foot forward while uplifting your spirituality. “This union of spirituality and fashion forms the core of Core Asana. We provide an expansive range of premium quality, trademark designed products that are non-synthetic and eco-friendly,” shares Shivam.

Organically Yours

Core Asana offers holistic yoga accessories which includes Natural Rubber Yoga Mats, AcuTech Mat- which is a wellness and recovery product that harnesses the science of acupressure, meditation gears and recently launched a comfort wear clothing line with a futuristic approach towards sustainability for unrestrained movement and comfort. Versatile clothing in ecofriendly fabrics that works from lunching to lounging, from work to weekends, from pizza to pilates.

Core Asana

Shubham who holds an MBA from ISB Hyderabad and is an experienced strategy consultant for the past 5 years working with corporates like with PWC and UHG, always wanted to do something in the sustainable space. Being a person with sensitive skin himself, finding the right kind of products for his skin type proved to be a challenge. Apparel, particularly in the athleisure space, had a lot of restrictions.

“Finding properties like stretch, comfort, moisture wicking etc. was very difficult to find in any workout clothes except of polyester (which is essentially plastic). And due to lack of good quality alternatives we are forced to use the same and let our skin be suffocated in plastic cladded clothes. Thus began my journey of bringing high quality products that not only would be good for the skin but also to Mother Earth,” elaborates Shubham.

Fashion Forward

Their brand KSHM, an off shoot of brand Core Asana has a mission to unite nature and style. KHSM stands for Earth which is the core belief of the founders-nature born comfort wear that inspires you to move with elegance and confidence. The brand seeks to collaborate with those who connect to the ethos of the brand, believe in the power of change to improve their own lives and that of others and also build an inspirational story for future generations.

Core Asana

All materials used in the production of this line are 100% nature born, sustainable as well as biodegradable. An appropriate composition of tencel lyocell was developed in-house for the clothing range. Tencel lyocell is obtained from pulp of the eucalyptus tree. Apart from this, the pants are manufactured using natural cotton and they are organically dyed from fruits and vegetable pulp and peels.

The brand currently operates from its office in Gurugram, Haryana and served over 1050 customers in a short span of 8 months. They have seen 220% growth compared to the first quarter of its launch to the current quarter. In the next 5 years Core Asana would like to position itself as a brand that believes in the innumerable benefits that the ancient art of yoga offers and hopes to elevate your journey by providing the best possible accessories for the same. It seeks to make strides in the wellness sector taking their products at the global stage whilst creating a brand that is known for its quality, authenticity, sustainability and innovation.

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