Catch Task: Here’s a no-commission freelancing platform that’ll help you find your dream projects.

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” ~ Chris Grosser

That’s precisely the mantra of success for freelancers who are tirelessly striving to create a lasting impact in their chosen field. Freelancing requires hard work and discipline. When starting out as a freelancer, it helps to seek guidance from experts who would provide you the right opportunities and get you started on an exciting new journey. Catch Task is here to help you do just that!

Catch Task

Founded by four highly motivated and committed individuals named Abin Mathew Varghese, Krunal Patel, Sumanyu Gupta and Aditya Chaubal, Catch Task is an emerging new enterprise that aims to act as a bridge between freelancers and service seekers, allowing them to find each other on the Catch Task app for the right kind of services. It makes the entire process simpler, transparent and hassle-free.

How the journey began  

The story of Catch Task’s inception is as interesting as it is inspiring. Its four dynamic founders were once staying together as housemates in Melbourne, Australia. As students brimming with innovative ideas, they came up with fascinating concepts, pondered over fresh possibilities and finally decided to begin their entrepreneurial journey with a venture that would enable freelancers to find their feet amidst all the uncertainty and turbulence. That’s how Catch Task came into existence. Having navigated through the tricky terrain of freelancing in the past, they understand the challenges of being one’s own boss and have established this startup after much deliberation and research.

Catch Task

Catch Task: Best place to find professional talent

Catch Task provides a platform for service seekers and freelancers to meet and collaborate at zero commission and no hidden costs. As a service seeker, all you have to do is verify and post your task in the Catch Task app by providing task name, description and allocated budget. For freelancers, the process is equally simple. Just verify and subscribe and choose from a platter of tasks to bid on.

Whether you’re a content writer, web developer, designer, tutor or makeup artist, if you’re talented and are willing to invest in upskilling yourself, Catch Task is the place to be. It enables freelancers to find the right gig that would cater to their field of expertise. Service seekers are spoilt for choice when it comes to assigning their tasks to people who match their professional criteria.

Catch Task

The app is equipped with an inbuild escrow system that safeguards the service seeker’s money which is eventually transferred to the freelancer once the task is completed. You don’t have to worry about hidden costs or commissions.

Get the right person for the job!  

While the venture is in its funding stages and search is still on for investors, it’s heartening to see Catch Task picking up pace in cities like Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru, thanks to its impeccable service and positive response from clients. India is a fast-evolving freelancing hub with around 15 million freelancers. Catch Task not only recognizes the immense potential of freelancing market but also aspires to create the right ecosystem to help freelancers grow and become the best at what they do.

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