Barish Handcrafted Décor: A home decor brand that blends in artistry and commerce by offering atypical yet appealing decorative pieces at affordable prices

    Barish Handcrafted Décor

    “We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.” ~ Sir. Winston Churchill

    Our homes are the truest reflection of ourselves. They are a physical manifestation of our thoughts, habits, lifestyle and relationships. Home decor is not just about adding luxuriant items to the mantelpiece but it’s about adding beauty and character to each corner of the house so that your lovely abode stands out as an extension of your personality. Over the years, several home-decor startups have flooded the market, making the consumer spoilt for choice.

    Launched in 2015 by the prolific power couple Varsha and Aditya Porwal, Barish Handcrafted Decor has firmly established itself as a trusted interior decor brand that houses products carefully designed and crafted with loving hands and imaginative minds. It is presently focused on three distinct crafts – woodworking, glass mosaic, and macrame, all of which are available for customization.

    Creative spark ignited and a story began

    Barish Handcrafted Decor

    Varsha had an educational background in designing which made her adept at designing clothes and Glass T Light Holders.

    Armed with an MBA in finance, Aditya was running a Circular Knitting Unit, making Griege (Unprocessed Hosiery Cloth) for garment manufacturers for the past 12 years.

    When Varsha joined a Glass mosaic class as a hobby, everything changed. She soon realized her newfound love for the artistry. Around the same time, Aditya was dabbling in carpentry. Both realized that combination of glass and wood is quite effective in creating home-decor articles. It was a niche market and they were up for the challenge. Thus Barish was born to satiate the thirst for creativity and craftsmanship and usher in beauty and joy into people’s homes.

    Barish Handcrafted Décor: Enriching the ordinary with creativity and craftsmanship

    Barish is a one-stop destination for quirky, attractive, pocket-friendly decorative pieces that seamlessly camouflage into your domicile and enhance its beauty, without compromising on the quality.

    Run-of-the-mill designs are a rarity in Barish as each piece is customized with minute intricacies depending on what clients want.  However, their off-the-shelf designs are as popular, catering to customers who prefer buying products without investing time in customization. Since creativity and commerce are always at loggerheads, there is a constant conflict in keeping the venture commercially viable while staying true to creative instincts. To maintain a fine balance between the two, the brand deliberately targets a niche market that doesn’t require mass production. As the founders explain “We have therefore adopted a zero-inventory approach, wherein we only make the product once we receive the order. Which helps us save on working capital and helps us manage our finances more efficiently.”

    Carving out a glorious future beating all odds

    Cheesy as it may sound, the fact is Barish has been flooded with orders from repeat buyers since the last six months. The brand has catered to a whopping 2000+ customers till date. Prior to lockdown, business was soaring higher. However, Covid-19 has slowed down the pace. Since Team Barish is equipped to deal with all kinds of challenges, it has come up with a plan to revamp the website, hire an ad agency and invest in branding. In terms of revenue, the aim is to reach from 14 lakhs to 60 lakhs in the next 2 years and 2 crores by end of 5 years.

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