The HippieSaaz- Bringing a colourful variety of handmade home décor products and uplifting local housewives by giving them employment and wings

It’s often said that a home should always reflect the personality of its inhabitants. From a piece of furniture to flooring, upholstery to décor, every item provides a glimpse into the minds of the owner, making it an invaluable extension of the self.

Bitten By the Entrepreneurial Bug

The HippieSaaz

Quirky, colourful and handmade are some adjectives that describe 2.5-year-old home décor startup “The HippieSaaz”. Beginning with a modest sum of five thousand rupees as a way to earn some extra cash for a Goa trip, founders Neha and Rajnish have nurtured their brand and grown it to a beloved home décor startup.  Believe it or not, the brand just happened accidentally. Pursuing her passion for handmade decor, Neha decided to upload an image of one of her creations on Instagram and The HippieSaaz was born. Since then there has been no looking back and things have escalated like a snowball.    

An engineer by profession, 24 year old Rajnish showed an unwavering trust in 23 year old Neha’s vision and was by her side from the get go. If Neha is the face of the brand, then Rajnish is the backbone. From business partners to life partners, these two entrepreneurs offer an entire range of curtains including delicate sheer georgette pieces as well as boho ruffled curtains. They also make a very exclusive collection of bed skirts and bed covers that come with unique cushion covers as well. A limited range of recycled products is launched every few months to ensure that no waste is left behind in the process. From dreamy canopy combos to whimsical dreamcatchers, the products have the potential to make any place Pinterest-worthy.

Boho chic meets Indian Sensibilities

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The HippieSaaz rises over the clutter by striking a balance between premium quality products and affordable prices. Unique products and vibrant hues ensure that every product makes a statement in your home. It allows the customers to design their interiors themselves. The brand will customize each product as per each individual’s taste and preference. Being a homegrown brand, The Hippiesaaz has a keen sense of Indian aesthetics coupled with trendy boho elements making it the perfect option for millennials who love boho décor and are die hard savers of quirky home décor pictures and even army housewives!

What’s Next?

the hippiesaaz

The brand has served over 5000 plus customers in their 2.5-year journey and have also crossed the milestone of 100k followers on Instagram. The products are available pan India and can be ordered through the brands Instagram page. The HippieSaaz currently clocks a yearly turnover of Rs 72 to 80 lakh and is dedicatedly working towards making their products available on platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook and more. In their 5 year plan, Neha and Rajnish envision an offline store that will allow consumers to enhance their experience by letting them touch and feel the products. They also aim to share their platform with fellow homegrown brands and also make a foray into fashion.

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