In the Fight For Covid-19, An Indian Startup eWe Is Empowering Women Through Its Digital Platform


Established in 2017, eWe is an e-commerce platform which acts as a virtual store for women to sell products online.

The worldwide lockdown has practically overblown all divisions of the Indian economy and among the most terribly hit is the Textile and attire (T&A) industry because of the reset in the retail market just as the bar on manufacturing and online ecommerce business orders.

Established  in 2017, Kerala-based start-up eWe —‘empowerment of women entrepreneurship’ —has helped more than 200 women secure positions and more than 550 women get educated in tech and sell fashion and apparels from the solace of their homes. It has undertaken many seminars to help women get a brief understanding about the e commerce sector and also on social selling.

The start-up is primarily working on items identified with design and clothing — particularly khadi, handloom and cotton ones , ornaments  made by bamboo, clay, handicraft and kitchen accessories which go under the ethical initiative.

eWe: A Women Entrepreneurship Platform

The startup began by conducting training to find eager and skilled women for the platform. With the participation of region panchayat, industrial centre and the Kerala Startup Mission and numerous other legislative and non-administrative associations, eWe’s mission saw success. Post the workshops, women entrepreneurs were assigned various categories depending on a poll and their comprehension of the online business.

The startup works together with women in two essential territories —Manufacturing and Marketing. In the Manufacturing category, it examines the items, its scope and quality. And afterward gives them the necessary education required for the quality upgradation with the help of government training centres. One such centre which is working with eWe to give these training absolutely free is the National Academy of RUDSETI, a foundation for skill development.

Women sell items through the eWe mobile application, which works as a real time virtual store for all the women entrepreneurs. Post that, they can start selling and earn commission with eWe. eWe also performs timely checks to ensure the smooth running and also offers them additional incentives based on their performance.

The Pandemic Effect

With the pandemic driving the government to implement a lockdown, the whole textile industry bared the loss of deals and eWe was no exemption. While the sewers were left with no salary, weavers not only saw the loss of wages but also the fabrics they had stored were damaged.

Soon, the startup acknowledged there was a chance to earn even with the pandemic was on. Through the manufacturing of mask with the fabric they had as it had been mandated by the government.

Likewise they contacted the Kerala Start-up Mission and with its help, procured go ahead to begin making reusable texture face mask. These masks were then supplied all over Kerala. They worked with needle workers that had a sewing machine at home inside the green zones in Kerala and allowed them the chance to make such face masks. Many corporate and banks requested khadi cotton mask from them, which made it feasible for more than 20 women and families to earn money.

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