Edudictive is a “Business enterprise Inclined Training Platform” that has particular preparing programs for both school and college students of all backgrounds. It has a special inclination towards Entrepreneurship. Aahan Malhotra, the founder and product head of Edudictive, is a 21 years old entrepreneur from Delhi.

About Edudictive

This program operates for an upcoming platform, which will make the learners addicted to learning. It aims to become a one-stop solution for all the queries related to the field of education, thereby making it entertaining at every level. Another aspect of this is to serve all the educational needs like assignments, homework, tests, questionnaires, and so on. This startup plan includes numerous options for both college and school students. A brief list of them is given below:

Edudictive incorporates 3 significant projects uniquely curated for college students:

1. For College Students

a) Entrepreneurial symposium – This is an eight-week-long preparing program offering specific preparing in seven teaches that are essential for any startup. This is trailed by an intelligent occasion where understudies and experts with certain thoughts can shape a group out of a gathering of prepared understudies.

This at that point prompts a “6-month long virtual hatching program,” which offers appropriate mentorship with respect to statistical surveying, item constructing, go-to-showcase technique, utilizing before the financial specialists, and getting subsidized.

Everything is dealt with by the guides related with the virtual brooding system.

b) Placement Training Program – This is situated towards getting ready understudies for entry level positions and arrangements just in new businesses as new companies offer more development than a set up MNC.

c) This likewise incorporates meetup and temporary position fairs at regular intervals to share thoughts and to go after entry level positions and positions.

2. For School Students

Edudictive has curated two primary projects for the school students:

a) Skillowl labs: This is a twenty-week program which contains four courses planning to advance enterprise among the understudies of class sixth twelfth. It expects to help understudies in finding out about their inclinations, which is the greatest winning issue in the present instruction framework.

b) Trion Summer camp: This is a four-week day camp with a serious methodology based marketable strategy close by some aptitude upgrade program. This likewise offers an outing to one startup office to make understudies mindful of the work culture, which may assist them with increasing some productive bits of knowledge into the work culture.

Right now, Edudictive spotlights on helping understudies to understand their latent capacity and interests.

Soon, it plans to come up with a few more products in the domain as the startup’s primary vision is to solve all the prevailing problems in the education sector.


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