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Experience Convenience and Quality at Totdot: Your Trusted Online Store for Kids

Navigating through the numerous options available when shopping for kids can be overwhelming and time-consuming. An ideal solution is a singular online platform that makes this process effortless. Enter Totdot, a Hyderabad-based e-commerce venture. It was kickstarted by Spoorthi Gunuganti and Shreya...

Crafting Dreams: The Inspirational Journey of Macrame Magic – Weaving Passion, Creativity, and Sustainability into Every Knot

When creativity is fueled by passion and dedication, it invariably gives rise to something exceptionally beautiful and profoundly meaningful. Ask Nitika Rai Shukla the founder of MACRAME MAGIC and you will discover how this narrative mirrors her inspiring journey.

Discover ITHIKA STUDIO: Kolkata’s Eco-Chic Fashion Sensation

Remaining faithful to the legacy of a long-standing family business and infusing it with a world-class, contemporary, and eco-conscious essence is a pursuit that only a dedicated entrepreneur can undertake. Siddhant Saraf, the visionary founder of ITHIKA STUDIO, exemplifies this passion. What...

UPTOWNIE: Revolutionizing Contemporary Women’s Fashion for the Modern Indian Woman

Women's fashion revolves around an intricate combination of styles, trends, comfort, and impeccable fit. The pursuit of the perfect fashion piece is a testament to how discerning women are in their choices. To cater to this dynamic...

From Rural Empowerment to Global Recognition: The Inspiring SIROHI Journey

Strategic implementation of technology has the power to propel businesses to new heights. A compelling vision, coupled with a product that exceeds customer expectations, forms the crux. Discover SIROHI—an artisanal enterprise championing women's empowerment in rural North India—exemplifying this dynamic synergy.

Step Up Your Accessories Game with BAGIO: Customizable Vegan Bags Balancing Style and Sustainability

Bags are essential and fashionable accessories that everyone desires, but finding the perfect blend of style and utility can be a challenge. Enter BAGIO, your go-to destination for unique, customizable vegan and canvas bags...

Discover HIKIKOMORI KNITS: Reviving Handcrafted Knitwear in the Age of Fast Fashion

Knitwear in this era of fast fashion is something that is not on everyone’s to-wear or must-have list. One brand HIKIKOMORI KNITS founded by a knitting artist Kavya Tiwari, is spinning quite a fabulous and tempting yarn with its...

A Mother’s Vision: The Birth of BABY&ME’s Unique Clothing Line

Creating clothing for babies and toddlers presents several unique challenges. Comfort, size, colours, convenience, and pricing there are so many factors to consider. But for Chaitra, the founder of BABY&ME the lack of options in baby clothing when she became a mother,...


In the dynamic world of fashion, the path to building and sustaining a brand is no easy task. It requires unwavering commitment and a profound belief in one's design sensibility and creativity while competing against established labels, emerging brands, and discount stores.

MALURAAH – Where Dreams Come True: Exquisite Bridal Couture Inspired by India’s Rich Heritage

Fashion is an expression of one self. What we wear shows up and reflects in our mood and our personality. This is the business philosophy or should we say brand theme behind MALURAAH – a contemporary bridal wear destination.



8 Tips That Can Make Or Break Your Start-up

1. Take risks and be willing to failFailure doesn’t preclude you from ultimately succeeding – in fact, it’s often a necessary step....