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alanKRit – A haven of handmade bags that are a perfect mix of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetic, while also being highly functional.

Time is the most precious commodity for every entrepreneur. They can chose it to experiment, create and come up with something really wonderful and successful. modern aesthetic So when Renu Lalwani founder of alanKRit,...

SCRUNCHIES BY MAHIMA- Ace your accessory game with handcrafted premium scrunchies made with love and passion.

Hair styling is today easier and more effective than it has ever been. Hair accessories were extremely popular in the 1990s, but they've recently resurfaced due to their super-stylish character. It's time to reinvent your hairstyle with contemporary accessories like scrunchies. Scrunchies...

FASHIONADDA BY RINUJAIN – A start up specially dealing in night suits and western attires directly from manufacturers to your closet.

Customers' fashion preferences have shifted significantly, and they now demand clothing that is a good mix of current trends while also being comfortable and affordable. As a result, retailers and designers have had to adjust their business structures to meet the demand....

Hazel Resin- Pouring Colours To Create Marvels Of Fluid Artforms (resin art business)

“Art is the expression of the profoundest thoughts in the simplest way.”- Albert Einstein resin art business The Growing Trend of Resin Art Business Swirly, fluid, and beautiful, resin art makes...

Golden Line – When bonding over love for art created a business venture in imaginative and classy home decor

Just a casual talk and similar interests can lead to something really wonderful. There are so many ventures out there that have been built solely on mutual interest and passion - GOLDEN LINE is no exception. What makes it distinct however, is...

Enchanted Intarsia: Here’s how a spirited 18-year-old entrepreneur took the style quotient of crochets several notches higher. women entrepreneurs

Often dismissed as a slow, old-fashioned “granny’s pursuit” that’s too staid, simple and homey to be part of modern outfits, crochets are ruling the roost in today’s fashion world with big-shot designers, celebrities and influencers donning handmade crochet apparels and accessories, thereby...

ARTKLIM – Transforming a functional accessory into a classy fashion statement

Ask Nupur Garg the founder of ARTKLIM about her venture and you will truly understand how invested she is in it. Setting the venture rolling on 21st April 2018, Nupur set for herself a challenging task of taking a simple hand clutch...

Freesia By Saumya- The Right Fusion of Haute Couture And Ethnicity

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.”-Karl Lagerfeld The Next Wave in the Indian Apparel Market There has been a significant shift in the customers' fashion choices and they now prefer...

Bet you can’t take your eyes off Moirra’s rich collection of exquisitely crafted fabric-based jewelry

"Give a girl the right jewelry and she can conquer the world." Often considered the most important accessory that a girl can possess, jewelry has the power to transform, not just the outward appearance, but also the real individual...

PANCIKA STUDIOS – A tech driven virtual design studio, focused entirely on serving its customer’s vivid imagination

When the founders of PANCIKA STUDIOS Sunil Azad and Anny Mehta were working for other studios as 3D and CG professionals respectively, they observed that the way studios functioned in response to client needs, was too rigid. “For getting...



8 Tips That Can Make Or Break Your Start-up

1. Take risks and be willing to failFailure doesn’t preclude you from ultimately succeeding – in fact, it’s often a necessary step....