Primeway P29 Copper Mask: Elevating The Quality Of Public Health Protection One Mask At A Time

primeway_P29 Copper Mask_founder
A year ago, could you have imagined living in a world where wearing a mask would be mandatory every time you'd step out of your house? Thanks to Covid-19, this unimaginable scenario has become our reality. Since the demand for masks has...

CoRover : Chatbot that aims to resolve all your Corona related queries- CoRover

This Bengaluru-based startup- CoRover's AI-based specialist video bot AskDoc addresses inquiries identified with coronavirus, its transmission, and virus control. The stage offers multilingual voice and content arrangements, for example, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, French, and German!

Momomia: A startup that serves you the warmth and richness of Bhutan on a platter

Food in Bhutan is as mystique and varied as the land of Bhutan itself. People here love to eat and feed. Although Bhutanese cuisine remains relatively unexplored in India, few restaurants have begun drawing in crowds by claiming to serve "authentic" Bhutanese...

This Mother’s Day Meet These 5 Powerful Women Who Rocked The World!

“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made Mothers.” Whether we are in the best times of our lives or are sailing through rock bottom, it is our mothers we long for. Mothers, after all, are our anchors, critics, best supporters,...

Grainpad: A startup that is breaking the glass ceiling in the field of medicine and healthcare

grainpad - Zini app
Technology has brought about a drastic change in every aspect of our lives. Companies are waking up to the benefits of robotics, virtual reality in the field of health and medicine. Launched on 25th May, 2017 by Dr.Rohit Sharma, GRAINPAD is a...

Attagirl: A brand that strives to deliver fresh, high-quality healthy batters for breakfast to discerning customers

Starting on a healthy note For Dr.Sangeeta, food has always been the first love of her life. After a successful 10-year stint as a medical practitioner and then as a healthcare business consultant, she...

This women’s day meet these inspiring women entrepreneurs who took the leap of faith.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to challenge stereotypes that limit women. We caught up with a few women who have managed to make a mark in their field despite the various challenges and obstacles thrown their way.

Women Entrepreneurs Share Their Startup Success Stories


Think Tree Media : A Startup Transforming The Digital Marketing Industry

We experience a daily reality such that the occasions are continually evolving. With the web taking over essentially every part of our life, it shocks no one that the promoting and showcasing world is additionally increasing its game! To begin with,...

This women’s day meet these inspiring women entrepreneurs who took the leap of faith

Women's Day has been celebrated for over 100 years to recognise the achievements of women, the progress made in terms of gender equality, and a reminder of what still needs to be done. This includes achieving equal pay for equal work, removing...



HiCare – With more than 1 million happy customers, this Digital...

With the increase in global warming and other environmental factors influencing the weather around us, we are more prone to changes in...